August 7, 2020 Vladyslav Kyrychenko

How we decreased loss of customers by 53% in e-commerce industry


While you are boiling with rage being on the phone and waiting for a technical support specialist to answer your call, somewhere in a perfect universe, operators first answer those calls that come from really angry customers. A customer’s dissatisfaction is aggravated by the long wait which leads to a destructive dialogue and, as a result, the loss of this client by the business.

This is a pessimistic scenario, but we are habitual optimists to we have prepared a guide on how to turn the situation on the brink to a disaster into a peaceful course.


We were approached by a company whose name is under the NDA. Our task was to help this company create such a system that would recognize a caller’s emotions by the voice and, based on these data, determine the priority of the call. Such a system was supposed to solve the problem of annoyed customers, preventing them from coming to a simmering boil due to the long wait for a response from a support specialist.

Well, not to say that this was a simple task, but we rolled up our sleeves and started brainstorming.


To resolve the above-mentioned problems we decided to:

  • create a system for voice emotion classification;
  • create a system for voice cloning.

Making most of our expertise in development and technologies, we chose the following technology stack:

  • Deep Learning;
  • Python;
  • Tensorflow;
  • Pytorch.

And going forward, the result exceeded all the expectations.


After 15 weeks of tedious work we finished and polished the system for voice emotion classification with 84% accuracy. We also developed the system for voice cloning based on several minutes of the voice recorded.

But the software itself is not the result. We are pleased to share achievements that can be measured and counted:

  • After integrating the system, the level of satisfaction with technical support by users grew by 18%.
  • The outflow of customers lost due to technical support problems decreased by 53%.
  • 84% of technical support experts noted that it became easier for them to solve the problem of a dissatisfied customer due to the fact that he did not wait for an answer for a long time.
  • In general, support staff also noted a decrease in stress levels in the workplace.

Our best prize is when people on both sides become a little more content after integrating our product. And in this particular case, we feel like our task is 100 percent complete.


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