Team Augmentation Services

Build or extend your development team with custom-recruited developers who will work from our office. No hidden fees, no back-office hassle. Contact us and Lemapp will get things done on time

Dedicated Team

Lemapp builds dedicated development teams and R&D centers for global companies. We help enterprises like Lebara, Gogo, and Ratesetter scale development capacity, tap into new expertise, and implement digital transformations.

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Offshore Development Center

Dedicated development center model is a way to get a self-managed remote team for your company situated in the country with lower hourly rates for software development services and a large number of programmers and IT-related experts.

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R&D center

Lemapp provide a flexible services for setting up and running your own R&D center. Our mission is to build a high performing teams for our clients. To provide that we do office space search and establishing, recruiting based on your needs and provide legal support.

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Hire Offshore Developers

Hire offshore developers and build your development center with Lemapp. The team will be working with your company full-time and will be 100% dedicated to your company.

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IT Recruiting & Relocation

Lemapp is an leading assistant to companies wishing to recruit the right specialist to their IT team and relocate them from Ukraine to USA, Eastern and Western European countries.

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We are helping Startups and mature Businesses accelerate growth by building development centers.


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