Dedicated Development Teams

Get this service from Lemapp to get the needed empowerment for your in-house team


Request the qualifications — and get the CVs within 2 days.


You can save more on the well-established and cost-effective dedicated development team model


We know whom you need and can find this person fast


You won’t be charged unless you like your selection and want to hire these specialists


Hidden costs


days to start interviewing candidates


Weeks trial


Dedicated Team

Our development team is an integral part of your organization — as if it’s an in-house unit working out of your company. In a team Lemapp establishes, each new member, be that an additional developer or a PM, is fully dedicated to your project. We combine our internal development opportunities with the best HR practices to address your requirements and expectations from this software development department.

After the successful recruitment, Lemapp turns into an R&D center for your business, working full-time for your success. Our main task is to guarantee the total commitment of the hired employees to your project. We do this through recruiting, HR maintenance, managing internal communication, and retention practices. We monitor the market trends and are always looking for top tech talents who are able to address your needs. You are the manager; we are here to complete all the administrative tasks.


4 steps to hire a dedicated software development team

1. Open discussion.

We will ask you numerous questions about the technology, organization, and your particular vision on the dedicated team. Together, we will find the best solutions and models that will meet your budget limitations, expected deadline, and level of expertise.

2. Interview and recruitment.

We take up to 7 days to find the CVs that will match your expectations perfectly. From our side, we check their technical skills, English level, and personality. On average, it takes 4-6 weeks for a client to select the team among the candidates we offer.

3. Training and onboarding.

You can visit our office to meet your team in person — but we can do everything online also. Lemapp will assist you in building an effective structure, assessment, and communication with your full-time team.

4. Project launch.

We keep in touch with our clients to provide HR management, retention, and accounting. Your team will work from our office — fully equipped and with the relevant hardware and social package. You’re welcome to visit us anytime.



We check the validity of the technical knowledge of our experts and keep an eye on the trends


A win-win solution for every company

Our service is a great option for startups who don’t have extra resources to hire new team members, maintain an extra office, buy equipment, and pay taxes. Also, our clients are big corporations who search for software developers for a particular project and for a short time. In both cases, hiring a dedicated development team is a form of smart investing.

Lemapp is interested in your success: we’ll become your support and guarantee your workers’ high performance.


Advantages of a dedicated team

Everything starts with your requirements. They determine everything in our search: the number of developers, their salaries, and technical knowledge. We are responsible for hiring, onboarding, administration, social compensation, and even team-building events — and ask you to tell us you’re satisfied.


You can change the size of your offshore software development team anytime if you need it.

Legal support

Your team always signs NDA and recognizes Intellectual Rights and Property protection by the EU laws. You can request from us extra protection if needed.

Easy to control

We offer several management models for your convenience. You can have direct control over your dedicated team or hire a project manager. In any case, you’ll have a tracking system to manage the process.

Only dedicated worker

In our office, we keep an eye on team retention and HR management. Our workers are not freelancers but dedicated developers working as an integral part of your team.


Let us match your project with a top team

We need up to 2 weeks to perform an initial screening and detect the most suitable candidates. We read each job description and double-check their validity to offer you the best matching candidates. Then, you can interview them by yourself and not waste time.

Initial resume screening

Soft skills scanning

Background check

Technical tests


Trial period



We are helping Startups and mature Businesses accelerate growth by building development centers.


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