Hire offshore developers in Ukraine

Hire all the specialists from our office! Transparent prices and no bureaucracy on the way to top service. Let Lemapp attain your goals on time!


Let us share your ambitions and meet your brand.


We will hire only top specialists with the needed experience and expertise in the development field to implement your project.


We serve businesses all over the world, and clients acknowledge our ability to deliver the needed solutions upon the request


Our work leaves the majority of customers satisfied. Check the quality of our processes and deliverables by yourself!


Pool of high skilled developers


Weeks trial


Years in business


Gather or enlarge your development team easily

Hire offshore developers and build your development center with Lemapp. The team will be working with your company full-time and will be 100% dedicated to your company. It ensures high developer commitment and devotion to your company for successful cooperation.

You can visit your team in our office and work alongside your developers when needed. Alternatively, they can travel to your head office.

We adopt top hiring approaches to attract our employeers

When it comes to finding the best developers for our clients, Lemapp doesn’t split the difference. We care about our specialists, providing them with a sufficient social package and competitive salaries. If changes in our HR approaches are needed, we apply them fast. For us, it’s important to find and maintain top tech talents to keep our clients satisfied with the service.


Cozy office



Reporting system

Extra safety (if needed)

Comfortable workplace

Legal support

Team building

Social and Medical guarantees

Guest workplace

Back-office processes

Custom recruitment

HR support

Training and onboarding


Accounting and evaluation


How much a developer will cost you

Below you will find the rates for offshore developers from Kyiv, Ukraine. Our R&D department actualizes this information every 3 months, so you can rely on it in your project calculations.


How we manage and interact with your development team

We talk to each member of a dedicated development team individually. This way, we keep track of what’s happening in your project, ensure everything is fine, and predict problems before their appearance.

We repeat this process every time and for every company. The projects are different, and we always offer several communication strategies to achieve your goals step-by-step. If you want, you can get full control over the team or hire a PM on a part-time or a full-time basis.

Your direct control

Your in-house employee (be that PM, CTO, or Tech Lead) will manage all the tasks for our team.

Full-time Project Manager

We recommend this option for big teams. Our PM will be responsible for local management and accurate progress

Only dedicated workers.

In our office, we keep an eye on team retention and HR management. Our workers are not freelancers but dedicated developers working as an integral part of your team.

Full time product manager

The team member who will design the project scope for your product to control it addresses the needs of your team.


Our Services.

We constantly collect feedback from our clients, evaluate the technical knowledge of our specialists, and get professional recommendations from IT experts. This way, we guarantee the quality of our service and the applicability of the technologies we introduce.

Fast Hiring

Transparent pricing

Custom solutions

Accuracy control after recruitment


Frequently Asked Questions

Should I pay Lemapp to find offshore software developers?

We don’t ask money for our hiring services — we’ll find developers for you free of charge. We negotiate a monthly payment after the successful recruitment only. It will depend on the need to host a team in our office, buy equipment, etc. Anyway, you won’t see any unexpected payments from us.

Can you find a large development team for me?

Yes, we can find and host as many members of a dedicated development team as you request. If you need to add extra developers, designers and hire a PM anytime, it’s not a problem for us.

Why is a dedicated development team from Lemapp better than a freelance team?

The key advantage of our service is full dedication and assured professionalism. We guarantee our customers that:

  • Each team member works on your project only and is a true expert;
  • You remain the key manager of all the development processes;
  • We sign NDA to protect you from data leakage.

How do you deal with time zone differences in your work?

We work in Ukraine and serve the development needs of companies worldwide for years. From our experience, we’ve designed these strategies to overcome the timezone gaps:

  • Discuss the schedule and determine possible problems with the client,
  • Determine overlapping hours and visualize them,
  • Establish working communication channels,
  • Set joint meetings in overlapping hours,
  • Incorporate the discussed system in the project plan and track its effectiveness.

Whom can I hire from Lemapp?

You can get developers, designers, PMs, engineers, testers, software analysts, and other IT specialists from us. Moreover, you can request from us DevOps engineers and the team for UX/UI development.


Our Clients

We have delivered effective coding solutions to innovative companies worldwide. Focus on quality and putting our customers’ business needs at the heart of everything we do has led to longstanding collaborations with major brands in several industries.



We are helping Startups and mature Businesses accelerate growth by building development centers.


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