Hire offshore developers in Ukraine

Extend your development capacity with custom-recruited software developers who will work from our office. No hidden fees, no back-office hassle. Contact us and Lemapp will get things done on time.


Bring your values, goals and share the product vision directly.


Only certified specialists with an huge experience


Check the quality of your team with no obligation to pay


We create an individual package of services for each customer – you pay only for you really need


Pool of high skilled developers


Weeks trial


Years in business


Launch or extend development team with no hassle

Hire offshore developers and build your development center with Lemapp. The team will be working with your company full-time and will be 100% dedicated to your company. It ensures high developer commitment and devotion to your company for successful cooperation.

You can visit your team in our office to work alongside your developers when needed, or they can travel to your head office.

Here you can see what we cover:

Lemapp seek to provide sufficient social package for our teams. If we see that the current set is not competitive in the employment market – our team introduces changes to attract the best employees for our clients. We can also add some perks and benefits solely for your team upon request.


Comfortable office

Office management



Additional security (on request)

Comfortable office

Legal support

Corporate events

Medical insurance

Guest workplace

Back-office processes

Custom recruitment

HR management





Developers salaries in Kyiv, Ukraine

Here are the actual numbers from which offshore developers’ salaries starts in Kyiv where our R&D is based. We update data every three months to show you the latest market information.


Development team management and communications

We believe that a personal approach to building dedicated teams is the key to success.

There are no two identical companies, and there are no two identical projects. That is why we suggest various ways how our clients can manage their teams: lead your team directly, hire a full-time project manager or complete your team with a part-time project manager.

Manage directly

The client has an employee (PM/CTO/Tech Lead) in head office who will manage team tasks.

Hire a full time project manager

Hiring a dedicated project manager for a bigger team is beneficial. This specialist will manage team locally and help it to accomplish the project objectives.

Hire project manager

A small team of offshore developers might not require a full-time PM. But they need a person who will be a point of communication between developers and client to control tasks, time and process.

Hire full time product manager

You can also build a development team led by a product manager. This person is responsible for planning project scope to ensure that a delivered product meets users needs.


Our Services.

Our quality standards apply also in terms of service, technical expertise and advice. Our dedicated employees are happy to assist you with know-how and experience in your daily business.

Fast Recruiting

Transparent cost

Personal approach

Onboarding Support


Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any upfront fees for hiring offshore software developers?

Lemapp recruits Ukrainian software developers free of charge for your project; once the team is set up, you pay a fixed monthly fee for the vendor’s services like hosting your dedicated team in our office, providing them with equipment, etc.

Can you host large development teams?

Yes, Lemapp has enough space and resources to meet the large-scale software product outsourcing needs of clients. You can expand your dedicated team with more developers/PM/designers/marketing as much as your project requires.

Why choose hiring offshore software developers from Lemapp instead of collaborating with freelance developers?

It’s much better to hire an offshore software company instead of a group of freelancers because:

  • The developer works only on your project;
  • You are in full control of the software development processes;
  • The company signs an NDA with you, thus guaranteeing protection from data leakage;
  • Your project is handled with expertise and professionalism.

How do Ukrainian software development companies deal with the time zone difference?

Working with offshore developers inevitably involves time zones’ differences. Here are the strategies of Lemapp to ensure a significant time overlap with the client’s office:

  • Discussing the time overlap requirements with the client;
  • Setting visual schedules for overlapping hours;
  • Setting up several efficient communication channels;
  • Scheduling joint meetings with the client’s in-house team during the overlapping hours;
  • Consulting and implementing project management software.

What types of offshore programmers do you employ?

We offer a wide variety of IT specialists, including developers and engineers, testers, software analysts, project managers. Our team also includes experts in DevOps engineering and UX/UI development.

Our Clients

We have delivered effective coding solutions to innovative companies worldwide. Focus on quality and putting our customers’ business needs at the heart of everything we do has led to longstanding collaborations with major brands in several industries.



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