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Recruiting in Ukraine

Attracting skilled tech talents developers from beyond borders and relocating them to your country is a great solution to connect companies with great software engineers. Do you find it hard to recruit developers who will join your team right now in your location? Is bounty hunting too costly for your company? No matter how hard it is to acquire necessary talent, the truth is that without needed developers and engineers, no project can be successfully developed and launched.

If you are you striving to close the talent and skill gaps in your company and need more experienced developers, testers, and other technical specialists with a solid background and experience – it is time to consider the IT recruiting services that Lemapp is glad to offer. We also provide a support with relocation of your new developers to your place.

The recruiting hustle - solved

Lemapp is an leading assistant to companies wishing to recruit the right specialist to their IT team and relocate them to their country from Ukraine other Eastern and Western European countries. We provide high-quality recruiting services by searching and scouting developers, designers and marketing specialists in full compliance with your requirements and needs, while you enjoy the full range of benefits. This includes quickness of hiring talent here and availability of many experienced IT professionals. Thus, we can always find candidates possessing the needed tech stack and seniority level.


Let's get started

1. Requirements

Tell us more about the tech stack, skills and specific requests, preferred locations of sourcing, relocation package and budget. When everything is all set up, we start recruiting.

2. Interview candidates

We present best matches for your review including code samples or test assignment. Interview candidates by setting Skype calls or arranging personal meetings in our office.

3. Hire top developers

After you select the best candidates, you can start relocating your developer or development team to your country and enjoy working together in your office.

4. Start relocating process

If you don’t want any hassles with relocation process, our consultant can help you with paper processing, visa and guide your new employee through it.


Get IT relocation service

If you lack IT talent and properly trained staff in your country, relocation may be an attractive option for your business. Just fancy: you get a new worker to your office with an ideal skillset fitting all your needs and requirements. Since we study all client demands and select candidates with a proper mix of hard and soft skills, you can conduct job interviews and select developers without any doubt that they are the best in their field.

Moreover, hiring software developers or any other IT specialists with us is truly cheaper than doing that on your own. In case you decide to conduct talent search and recruitment individually, you will need to pay the salary to recruiters, sort out hundreds of unsuitable resumes, and hold dozens of senseless job interviews before refining the search criteria and finally landing an ideal person. Lemapp offers transparent cooperation terms without hidden fees and commissions. Thus, you always pay for the final outcome, which is the new worker, and not for the number of resumes we’ll get to your table.


Why us?

Variety of hiring models

We foster flexibility of recruiting and relocation opportunities for clients. They may first hire a developer remotely and conduct all project work distantly, initiating the relocation later.

Best talent

We make sure that only the best candidates are selected for our clients’ projects based on their requirements. We thoroughly check every resume before involving the client into candidate selection.

Transparent pricing model

Our IT recruitment fee is lower than your local recruitment agencies. We charge transparent price that is based on a salary of a candidate. You only pay for candidates you hire.

3 month guarantee

If the candidate does not pass the trial period of 90 days from the beginning of the candidate’s work, we make a one-time replacement for the position.


Development center set up benefits

  • Select from a large talent pool
    There is a huge number of skilled and experienced programmers in Ukraine, so you get a fantastic opportunity to get the best experts from a large IT talent pool.
  • Feel an individual approach
    Customization is at the heart of our client-centered approach to IT relocation. We treat every customer individually and consider their situation, needs, and requirements for delivery of best results.
  • Enjoy the ease of cooperation
    We make a strong emphasis on the ease and speed of collaboration. Simply send us your requirements, and we will find the needed developer or other IT specialist for you.
  • Benefit from soft skill testing
    Unlike other companies focused solely on finding the proper technical expert for you, we go beyond hard skillsets and consider candidates’ soft skills to ensure your comfortable collaboration.
  • Recruit smartly
    With Lemapp, you don’t need to waste time on labor market research. Our recruiters will do all the candidate selection, while you concentrate on your projects and workflow.
  • Get the Lemapp support
    Don’t get stressed over the recruitment hassle! Managers of Lemapp monitor the entire recruiting process, schedule job interviews, and conduct communication with all IT relocation candidates.


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