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Let's get started

1. Share expectations

We want to hear your vision of the project in detail. Don’t hesitate to share the technology you want, the team composition you’ll be comfortable with, and the budget constraints you have. The more detailed your requirements are, the more accurate result we’ll be able to offer.

2. Choose specialists

We take several days to test developers and show you the best matching CVs from our database. You can interview only the top one via Skype or during a personal meeting in our office.

3. Establish your ODC

After the recruitment is completed, we’ll gather your agile team in our office. They need some time for the adaptation period and training.

4. Launch your project

After all the preparations are done, we’re ready to work for you! Don’t worry — your specialists will always have all the equipment, facilities, and support needed.


Launch your offshore/nearshore development center in Ukraine

Ukraine offers real value-for-money you can use for your own benefit. Because of the salaries lower than in the USA and Europe and top skills in the development sphere, these programmers and IT specialists are always a top pick. That’s why we offer to set up a dedicated development center and hire a remote PM from us, as this model provides greater control over your spendings without destruction from your core work.

Do you lack the necessary specialists in your country? It’s not easy to hire extra developers in your office, is it? In any type of business expansion, an ODC project will save you time and money!

What you’ll get

We’re Lemapp, a company that provides outsourcing services for various business models. From us, you can get a dedicated development team capable of addressing numerous issues. Our working experience includes assistance in mobile development, web development, FinTech, and gaming solutions. We offer our clients to hire offshore developers in Ukraine and establish in our office a custom R&D center with a self-managed dedicated development team. In an offshore development center, you can get 5+ dedicated programmers together with a project manager. We’re flexible and adapt these engagement models to your needs.

Get your ODC in Ukraine Hassle-free

We take up to 2 weeks to select the programmers and other specialists for your project tasks. We carefully review and fact-check each line in their CVs to find the top matching candidates. After this, we invite you for a joint interview to select the exact experts you want to work with.


Why do you need a development center

  • Fast hiring
    Waiting for months to get a developer is an old way. With Lemapp, you’ll gather an entire offshore development center within 2-4 weeks.
  • Privacy control
    If you request a Secured ODC model, you’ll get all the guarantees for the project's total confidentiality.
  • Full equipment
    Your offshore development center will work from the Lemapp office, which saves you lots of time and money on arranging facilities for your new team.
  • HR services
    Lemapp is responsible for hiring your ODC model along with its smooth integration, further retention, and quality control.
  • Legal support
    We take on ourselves not only equipping your team but also providing its administration. We will prepare all the necessary contracts for your ODC staff.
  • Accounting
    You can concentrate on your core business processes and leave all the bureaucratic fuss on us. We’ll take care of payroll calculations and payouts.

Our Clients

Innovative companies all over the world request coding solutions from us. And we always work hard to ensure 100% satisfaction and long-standing cooperation in every case. We do this by focusing on product quality and meeting the exact business needs of each client. By contacting us, you can be sure: customer care service is our top priority and the basis of our reputation.



We are helping Startups and mature Businesses accelerate growth by building development centers.


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