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Team Extension

Empower your team with true experts in software development who will put their heart into the job done

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Mobile Development

You can easily entrust our specialists in building a mobile app for you

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Software Development

We’re skilled in developing various types of hi-tech software to help you gain tremendous profit

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UI/UX Design

Our designing team creates interfaces that will make your clients’ hearts beat faster

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Web Development

We’re capable of transforming an idea into an outstanding web solution

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Our engineers are highly interested in establishing an effective and strong process organization for you

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Hire our specialists with top expertise and vast experience in desktop, web, and mobile development. Be sure – we will adapt the up-to-date technologies, standards, and virtual elements to craft software with solid basis and adaptive design.


Your Advantages

Our business strategy is simple: we succeed if you prosper. We do everything for our clients — and that’s for our own good.


Talents in our custom development team will work directly with you and remain dedicated to your project thoroughgoing.


We give you freedom of choice! Get the exact experts in the development field your team needs.


We achieved 91% of customer satisfaction with our work processes and deliverables.


We serve businesses of any size within world-class projects and make them prosper.


Our team takes full charge of the development result and ensures maintenance and support after project completion.


We work as your outsourcing and outstaffing partner, which keeps your budget low and under control.

Who we are

We’re LemApp, a tech agency from Kyiv, Ukraine. Our mission is to provide smooth digitalization to the world. We assist businesses of any scale, age, and location in becoming more innovative. In finding a digital solution, impossible is nothing for us! We can develop particular AI products for your company, find key specialists to strengthen your in-house team, and even build a development center from scratch! Feel free to contact us, and let the LemApp team undertake the process of creating an MVP or a small-mid project for you. All you need is to provide needs and expectations — we’ll do the rest.


10 days
for your


We will hire only top specialists with the needed experience and expertise in the development field to implement your project.


We serve businesses all over the world, and clients acknowledge our ability to deliver the needed solutions upon the request


Our work leaves the majority of customers totally satisfied. Check the quality of our processes and deliverables by yourself!


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Satisfied customers


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Top cases

Our coding solutions have proven their efficiency in businesses worldwide. We always focus on quality and accuracy in meeting clients’ expectations. Check these leading brands in top industries we’ve made happy!

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Industries We Serve

Our team can support the full cycle of creating Artificial Intelligence solutions, including product building, corporate management, and analytics. We can automate and optimize all the processes and operations in your business, regardless of particular industry challenges.

  • Medical
  • Ecommerce
  • Agriculture
  • Logistics & Supply
  • Retail
  • Startups
  • Media & Entartaiment
  • Education
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Our Clients

Innovative companies all over the world request coding solutions from us. And we always work hard to ensure 100% satisfaction and long-standing cooperation in every case. We do this by focusing on product quality and meeting the exact business needs of each client. By contacting us, you can be sure: customer care service is our top priority and the basis of our reputation.



We have vast experience of working with small firms, medium-sized enterprises, and startups. We’re proud they come back to us and remain happy with our work.
Look what they say about LemApp!

Hire the Best Offshore Dedicated Team

Find your own developers

Once you hire developers within a dedicated team, you can check by yourself if each team member fits your project aims. Still, you should disregard uniting a team and motivating its members. Share this problem with us! Within the dedicated development team model, we as an agency take on ourselves everything connected with searching for developers. LemApp leaves you with the pleasure of seeing how the result is delivered by the specialists you’ve picked in the best way possible.

Services we offer

Hire a professional web developer

If you don’t need to hire several developers, you can assign a particular web specialist to complete the service you need. If you search for developers with a specific knowledge — like a certain programming language or an ability to work with one-of-a-kind web technology — LemApp can help you make a perfect match.

Software development

If you hire a dedicated team to build software from LemApp, expect the true experts to work on your project. All our people have vast experience in working with tasks of different levels of complexity. Be sure: you’ll get the top service from us, supported by a great number of successful cases.

Mobile development

You can hire our developers to build your mobile app. We know all platform-related requirements and can create the most appealing and attractive product for you. Stand out among competitors with LemApp!


App Store has strict regulations and high-quality standards. Each app passes the review from the platform’s side individually. That’s why it’s important to hire developers for this task wisely. If you need your app to be published quickly, LemApp specialists are ready to help!


Google Play is the most popular app store, and knowing how to make an outstanding app on this platform is an art. Hire our dedicated team, and we won’t let your appearance on this platform go unnoticed.

Front-end and back-end developers

Once you hire a dedicated team, you can expect our front-end and back-end specialists to know the required programming languages and have a client-side orientation. In other words, you hire developers who have the technical knowledge and understand how to implement the software built into the business practice.

Design UI/UX

These days, attractive and effective designs rule the world. From LemApp, you can not only hire developers but also invite skilled and creative UI/UX designers to your team! Contact us, and we’ll find the top specialist for your task, capable of both completing the project and amazing you with the result!

How to find and hire a dedicated software development team

In fact, there is no stable algorithm you should follow to make things right. Nevertheless, these 3 grounding principles will help you hire a dedicated team smoothly and with no stress. If you go with LemApp, you can be sure — your developers have an impressive portfolio of successful cases, including serving businesses in Canada, Europe, the USA, and Asia.

1. Pick the agency correctly
Don’t hire a dedicated team who has no experience and the necessary skills to complete your task from the beginning to the end.

2. Check each specialist
Even if you hire a dedicated team, it’s important to validate each job applicant meets your expectations and understands project requirements perfectly.

3. Control the performance
Even though a dedicated team can complete your project individually, it’s important to build an effective management system. Don’t worry — LemApp consultants will help you with this!



We are helping Startups and mature Businesses accelerate growth by building development centers.


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