January 20, 2021 Vladyslav Kyrychenko

3 Greatest Advantages of Outsourcing for Software Development

When it comes to software development projects, hiring a remote team is always a tough task. For this decision, you need to consider various benefits and shortcomings, along with the general advantages and disadvantages of this move. To make you prepared for all the ups and downs outsourcing may bring to you, Lemapp consultants created this guide. Use our experience and spot all the major benefits of IT outsourcing can give you. 


So, here are 3 main pros of outsourcing for software development projects:

  • Your outsourced team offers you flexibility and professionalism,
  • You can switch the priorities to your main business processes from operational routine,
  • Both you and your partner can share the responsibility.

But how exactly can these advantages bring you well? Follow this overview to comprehend the possible sticking points of outsourcing for various software development tasks.

Flexibility and professionalism

Once you decide to ask for the services of an outsourced development team, you inevitably choose the partner who possesses complete professionalism in the area needed. Otherwise, what’s the reason for ding this? This advantage of outsourcing means not only exclusive knowledge but also necessary equipment and programs. With all these prerequisites, your dedicated development team is capable of delivering tasks with impressive speed and excellence. 

But be careful while choosing your partner in outsourcing! Lemapp has a checklist for our clients that helps to ensure mutually beneficial cooperation with your remote team.

Ask these 5 questions before signing the agreement:

  1. What is your experience in software development? What are the areas of your deep expertise?
  2. What is the level of your specialists?
  3. Which technologies and programs will you use for the project?
  4. What are the overall conditions of our cooperation?
  5. How you ensure the long-term motivation of your workers in the project?

Feel free to customize this checklist to make sure your project will be done in the best way possible. And, of course, get the maximum information about your partner. Such a careful approach will ensure you get the most benefits of your cooperation on the outsourcing basis.

Priority shift

It’s a rare case when development becomes the core process for the business. Even if you make software products, it’s needed to establish a strong R&D and marketing basis rather than to invest in the development process itself. Thus, referring to an outsourced team can manage this problem in the long run, saving your time and energy for the tasks with a higher priority.

Responsibility sharing

Mitigating risks together is one of the best things you can get from outsourcing. This is especially critical for financial organizations and large software corporations – when stakes are high, and risks are big. And here, outsourcing can come become a facilitator and a reliable partner for your business. Besides, many companies find benefits in shifting logistics to another company.

Be careful while selecting an outsourcing company. Collect as many facts as you can get: for example, see the corporate blog, read the reviews, and read the portfolio. In Lemapp, we’re always open to share the information about our previous projects and specifics of our work. 

No matter which partner you choose – make sure you get the maximum benefits from outsourcing!


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