January 20, 2021 Vladyslav Kyrychenko

9 Explanations Why Your Business Needs a Dedicated Team

In the contemporary world, linking business operations to the location of headquarters is not as critical as it used to be. Thus, neglecting an opportunity to find real talents and enjoy the fast and professional delivery of your tasks is quite outdated. 

At the same time, there are many models of introducing outside specialists to your routine business operations. Many inexperienced corporate leaders meet the challenges of motivation shortage, lose control over the situation, suffer from communication gaps, and experience distance-related difficulties. 

In the given circumstances, how to choose the remote model for your project? Use the knowledge of Lemapp specialists to make a wise decision! In this guide, we’ll explain how to find the best option for your project. 

Who is a dedicated development team?

This remote model means inviting an external partner and delivering all the project tasks. From its side, this outsourced software development company hires a remote team to complete it. The important thing is that all the team members are found individually for your project by considering its specifics. Another important feature of a dedicated development team is that it works on a long-term basis exclusively. 

What are its advantages?

In fact, there are 9 reasons why choosing this remote model is one of the best strategic decisions for your business. Here are these pros:

  1. Better concentration on the project goals
  2. Shared responsibility for the tasks
  3. Customized choice of professionals
  4. Smooth integration
  5. Budget optimization
  6. Direct communication
  7. Effective project management
  8. Team flexibility
  9. Efficient HR practices

Let’s see how your company will benefit in each from these dimensions.

Better concentration on the project goals

In any complex project, a great number of tasks makes it hard to maintain focus during the project. But with a dedicated development team from Lemapp, your concentration can become sharper. 

Always check the outsourcing model you are about to choose from. On average, many outsourced service providers manage several projects at once, losing the focus and dedication to your tasks. In contrast to typical project-based outsourcing, you can be sure that a dedicated development team is interested in doing your project only, without any distractions. This results in better quality and a lack of focus.  

Shared responsibility for the tasks

Many businesses are cautious about cooperation with people they don’t know. But the purpose of outsourcing is always about sharing responsibility with you. In Lemapp, we are oriented on delivering the service of the highest quality. With us, you can meet your dedicated development team in person, increasing your mutual trust level. This direct contact eliminates the communication barriers in the future and helps you both share the duties.

If you don’t have an opportunity to meet your partners, be sure that your dedicated developers see you as a full-time job in your communication and social media profiles. At the same time, you can negotiate many tasks without the traditional mediation from numerous project managers, accountants, directors, and department coordinators. Thus, you can always expect a higher level of motivation and personal responsibility from your dedicated development team. And you can enjoy the rapid speed, the better ethics, and enhanced quality of the service.   

Customized choice of professionals

One of the greatest advantages is its formation from scratch. You can choose each developer by yourself during the job interviews, along with the help of a professional. In contrast to traditional outsourcing, the dedicated development model doesn’t hide the professionalism and reveals the technical expertise of each team member. So, don’t hesitate to use this advantage to the fullest.

Smooth integration

The remote model’s key task is to supplement your in-house team with the best practices and deep expertise in the functions that are hard to control. Thus, a dedicated development team can really help you with enhancing business processes to the next level. In addition, the great extent of personal contribution from developers can ensure this integration really guarantees a strong connection and interrelation with in-house specialists.

Budget optimization

Hiring an outsourced team is always about cost-effectiveness. With a dedicated development team, your budget planning can become more predictable. It works as a stable unit in your business – with transparent budgeting, task tracking, and foreseeable outcome. With these prerequisites, the entire project becomes predictable and easier to control.
Some outsourced teams prefer to negotiate the tasks and present the final result. To prevent yourself from problems, make sure your dedicated development team is always available and ready to report on each stage of the project. By the way, this is a quality standard for Lemapp specialists.

Direct communication

If you hire a professional, you must see instant and satisfactory responsiveness from its members. If this condition is fulfilled, your opportunities for direct control over the situation increase. Among the advantages you will experience, there are progress tracking, constant monitoring, and performance evaluation.

Effective Project Management

Even though introducing a remote team calls for a certain extent of flexibility and attention from your side, it makes management easier in the long run. By shifting routine and hard tasks to your dedicated development team, you become the full owner of the project’s most important parts. At the same time, you can make room from routine negotiating of these tasks. All that is needed from you are clear instructions and attention to the accurate completion of the project.

Team flexibility

The great thing about an outsourced team is that you can adjust the number of its members. Such scalability provides you freedom in adopting operations, saving room for expansion, and making promising prospects real. In addition, you don’t have to think about micromanagement – like renting an office or managing a team. On the contrary, you, as the vendor, can enjoy total flexibility – if you need more workers, you can be sure your outsourcing partner will find the best freelancers and subcontractors. 

Efficient HR practices

The more experience you get, the more effective your hiring process becomes. And with the freedom from control over back-office operations, finances, and performance, you can concentrate on human management. Lemapp specialists recommend our clients to participate in the hiring process. It’s always better to check the team spirit, sign the documentation, and offer some improvements by yourself.

Are you ready for hiring?

Thus, hiring a dedicated development team is a totally advantageous solution for any business. To make the most of it, maintain the harmony between involvement and delegation with your remote partner. In return, you can get the most of enjoying freedom from routine operations and saving the room for more important tasks.

The top company offers you the best value for money and satisfactory quality. If you choose Lemapp, you can expect that we hire developers that will fit your R&D department perfectly and cover all back-office processes risk-free.  


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