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React.js development services


We apply the latest interface development technologies to take full advantage of the web browsers capabilities for interactions with users


Our React engineers master all versions and modern libraries of JavasCript to create lightweight web interfaces for the most complex projects


Every year we work on projects for companies included in the top lists, as well as for leaders of such industries as FinTech, eCommerce, and Healthcare


Full-cycle development teams

In addition to developers, we can help you assemble a project team featuring these roles:

Project Manager

Plans and oversees the project, allocating budgets and overseeing milestones to ensure success

Business analyst

Works with you to match tech requirements to your business needs and project goals

UI/UX Designer

Creates intuitive user interfaces that reflect user needs and business requirements


Manages code releases, liaising between engineers, designers and project managers


Outsource React development

Let us build simple, beautiful interfaces for you in resource-efficient, rapid React.js. Outsourcing React.js services at Lemapp, you don’t have to wait for the start of the project development too long. Our engineers will start working promptly and deliver the interface that users can’t put down


days to provide developers


days to start


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What do we offer?

React development is gaining momentum with more projects done in this programming language. While JavaScript has been among top used programming languages for over a decade, mainly due to the lightweight and sophisticated libraries it offers, it’s not surprising that this library is also popular. Its major benefit for online, web-based businesses is the ability to create fabulous UIs.

So, if you are on the way to transferring to React, you’ll definitely require a great team to accomplish that transition. Where to hire React developers? How to detect the best talent for the best rate? Is it necessary to employ React programmers in-house or is it a better option to have this work outsourced? Lemapp is here to answer all these questions and make the process of recruitment easy for you. We will find any specialist, be it a single programmer or a dedicated team, and will find exactly the skill and talent you need – from junior to senior level of expertise.

Lemapp is a reliable provider of offshore React development services with a solid reputation and years of flawless performance in the market. With the company’s headquarters located in Kyiv and Odessa, its operations are mostly run in Kyiv, Ukraine, and the major pool of programming talent is also accessed here. Due to the flexibility and variety of hiring models, Lemapp ensures a perfect match between the hiring offer and the client’s requirements. Be it a single React Native developer or an entire team of coders, Lemapp can arrange that for you.

Once you decide you need more staff for completion of development projects, but you don’t want more developers in your office, then the dedicated team model offered by Lemapp will be a perfect solution. We build the team matching your specific needs, provide the staff with an office and equipment, and handle all documentation and legal issues related to its employment, while you are still their boss in full control of the development workflow.

Lemapp also offers the project management assistance for clients who have no time or resources for dedicated team management. If you use this service option, you can always be sure that your ODC functions flawlessly while you attend to other business tasks.


How to hire a dedicated software development team

1. Share your requirements

Tell us more about the tech stack, team structure and specific requests and requirements you have. Based on them we show you expected budget and start recruitment process for free.

2. Interview and hire developers

Get the CVs of vetted developers during the first week. Then you interview best ones and make final hiring decision. On average it takes 4-6 weeks to find and hire developers our clients need.

3. Set up a team

We provide hardware, office and back-office support for your development team. You can visit your team or use online tools to set up processes and integrate developers into your organization structure.

4. Get to work

Enjoy your fully integrated team working together in our office. We support retention, HR management, payrolls and accounting; provide comfortable office space, hardware and social package.


React development services

React Web Development

React transformed the custom software development industry, and over 30,000 websites (including those of Apple, PayPal, and Netflix) use it. React developers can provide the full range of web development services including custom development, web and mobile app UI/UX development, API development, and migration services for clients wishing to transfer their existing web resources to React. Consulting, support, and maintenance are also available.

React Native Development

As an offspring of React, React Native has become one of the few branches with a steadily rising popularity. Its huge benefit is the empowerment of native mobile apps designed with the help of React and JS – an advantage yet unbeaten by any other programming option. Build cross-platform iOS/Android apps with rich UI components; enjoy the speed and advanced efficiency of native apps.


Why hire React developers with Lemapp?

  • Leading React developers
    Recruiters of Lemapp have access to a huge pool of Ukrainian developers with a broad range of skills, talents, and levels of expertise. This access enables us to hire React developers with exactly the skillset you need.
  • Thorough CV prescreening
    We appreciate your time and involve you in the hiring process only once we are sure that candidates are a proper fit for your project. Clients conduct interviews only with a few selected candidates.
  • Legal protection
    When we hire React coders for clients, we always take care about their security and protection. Thus, we sign the NDA with all dedicated team members and developers to hold them accountable for your projects’ privacy.
  • Significant cost reduction
    A decision to hire React developers from a vendor like Lemapp will always be a significant saving for your company. Hiring an in-house front-end React developer may cost you dozens of thousands of dollars per month.
  • Qualified IT recruiters
    We employ licensed and credentialed recruiters with a solid experience in the field. Even if you need a front-end or back-end specialist with a rare tech stack, they will find that candidate for you.
  • Direct communications
    Each programmer you hire works exclusively on your project. Ensure smart communication and transparent reporting for each developer you hire. Lemapp comfortably hosts your entire React development team under one roof.

Build React Development Team Hassle-Free

If you need to extend your team with React programmers, Lemapp may become a one-stop solution to all your needs. Be it a specific skill gap that needs to be closed on a temporary basis or a longer-term outsourcing solution, we can find the proper talent for you in record time.

Our location in Ukraine provides us with a unique competitive advantage – we find React engineers with unique skills and extensive experience at highly affordable rates. These benefits are complemented with proper security measures and comfortable working conditions, which ensures that your vacancy will be closed quickly with an ideal match.

Stop thinking of where to find a React developer and how to establish collaboration with programmers with a needed skillset. Let the recruiters of Lemapp do all that work for you. Contact us today to get your dream team to work on the project in record time!


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We have delivered effective coding solutions to innovative companies worldwide. Focus on quality and putting our customers’ business needs at the heart of everything we do has led to longstanding collaborations with major brands in several industries.



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