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To stay competitive in the M&E industry, you need to provide an outstanding viewing experience across channels. That means your users should have access to high-quality video streaming without any glitches and relish more content delivery perks. A major player in OTT platform development, Lemapp can help you with that.


We’ve been building advanced online video solutions


Our software development expertise covers multiple business verticals


Lemapp builds highly scalable OTT platforms that satisfy the needs of users around the globe


Tap into Our Full-Cycle OTT Platform Development Services

Lemapp’s service offering covers all players of the online video development chain, including OVP vendors, content creators, broadcasters, and more. Hire our qualified experts to build a custom solution that fully suits your key business needs.

Robust platforms

Our architects develop robust platforms to stream high-quality content for thousands of concurrent viewers across all device types.

Ample opportunity

We can enhance your solution with live-to-VoD to offer more options and drive more revenue.

Top-notch solutions

Develop a VoD platform enabling advanced content management, licensed content protection, enhanced scalability, and in-depth analytics.

Superior quality

Experts in VoD app development, we’ll help you ensure a stellar viewing experience with highly personalized content, DVR controls, multi-screen delivery, and enticing membership options.

Better user engagement

We’re here to help you take user engagement to a new level. Build an interactive second-screen app so that your viewers could interact with your content more without the need to switch between screens.

Sufficient channels of communication

For this, we introduce live chatting, T-commerce, loyalty programs, and interactive social features.

Profit is guaranteed

Our OTT platform development specialists engineer online video solutions with monetization in mind.

New revenue streams

Andersen is ready to help you get new revenue streams by enhancing your app with the optimal monetization options, including subscription- and transaction-based models as well as digital advertising.

Informed decisions

Capitalize on our deep BI and AI knowledge to get decision-ready insights into your business operations.

Relevant data

Our experts will pair up your online video platform with comprehensive analytical tools to generate data on viewer behavior, video performance, best advertising channels, and more.

Strong core of engineers

Andersen boasts an experienced team of ML evangelists able to take your OTT solution up a notch.

Best ML practices

Leverage the best ML practices to streamline video processing: rapidly manage and adapt your content for thousands of users around the globe as well as easily detect sensitive material to comply with the most stringent local regulations.

Find out more about our expertise in developing end-to-end online video solutions.


Why choose Lemapp?

Outstanding UIs.

Our frontend specialists have the right skills and tools to make your OTT solution available for all platforms and device types, as well as ensure the ease of use for all viewers, including disabled ones

Great performance engineering skills.

Harness the power of our backend engineers to build a robust and highly scalable online video platform able to withstand a virtually infinite number of viewers.

Extensive QA expertise.

Our team of QA professionals uses the latest practices and technologies to make sure the developed solution corresponds to the highest functional and non-functional standards.

Integration prowess.

You can rely on Lemapp to integrate your OTT system with other mission-critical software, like CRM, ecommerce platforms, CDN, CMS, and more.


Our Clients

We have delivered effective coding solutions to innovative companies worldwide. Focus on quality and putting our customers’ business needs at the heart of everything we do has led to longstanding collaborations with major brands in several industries.



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