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DevOps is all about speed, functionality and innovation


Automated deployment speeds up the whole process of development


DevOps tools stretch the time to recovery and keep it to a minimum


Finding and submitting defects before they get to production saves customer’s money








What you save through

Outsource DevOps services to get advantages for your business

Time to find and fix bugs

Outsource DevOps to save time on finding and fixing bugs, as well as finding person to join a project. What is more, with our services, quality code is easier to maintain, thus a technical debt is reduced

Cheaper by 10 times

Fixing a bug found during Review is 10 times cheaper, the one found in production – 100 times cheape

Time for deploying production and releasing

A manager can observe the project’s degree of readiness, QA specialists don’t need to re-deploy a version before testing. DevOps outsourcing will help you save time for deploying production versions and time for releasing new versions

Cost is lower

The cost of testing is lower (it saves each QA 2+ hours per week). You also save the cost of server provisioning, the cost of development, and time to release product’s versions

Saving time and costs to fix bugs

Unit tests help find out mistakes within the dev stage before the code is sent to a repository saving time and costs to fix bugs

Cost is lower

The cost of development and testing is lower up to 10 times

Testing faster and earlier

E2E test helps do testing hugely faster and earlier than manual ones. It also provides means to examine full functionality and conduct regression testing of the whole project each day

Reducing the staff herewith

It reduces the QA staff herewith maintaining high quality – one E2E tester can replace 70 to 90 % of a QA team after 6-12 months of work


DevOps is enjoying a rapidly growing popularity as a handy, universal, and flexible set of tools bridging the gap between software developers and operations. Since DevOps is quite a new trend in the IT sector, finding a qualified and experienced developer in your location may be problematic. If you need to hire DevOps developers for the project and consider outsourcing this task, consider hiring a dedicated team in Ukraine with Lemapp.

DevOps become a part and parcel of today’s IT projects because of their ability to enable continuous development and deployment, advanced automation, real-time configuration management, and service agility. By working with Lemapp, you reap the benefits of both in-house and remote work models – your coders work in our office and use our equipment and HR support, while you remain in charge of the project and can control the team directly.

Another benefit of working with us is an ability to hire any number of coders; Lemapp can find even one programmer, while other companies prefer to hire in bulk only. In future, as soon as your outsourcing needs grow, you may hire additional DevOps engineers and form a remote team in Ukraine.

What do we offer?

With Lemapp, you can hire one DevOps developer, a remote team, or even establish a complete offshore development center in Ukraine. Your engineers will be working on your project full-time, performing all tasks in the comfort of our well-equipped office. No matter what recruitment model you select, Lemapp takes care of all administrative, legal, and accounting nuances, while you only have to streamline and lead the team towards the successful project completion.


DevOps development services

Automated Quality Assurance

QA testing works completely differently in the new era of automation, but its role is far from diminishing. Get advanced automated QA solutions with our DevOps coders.

Cloud DevOps

DevOps has revolutionized the ways in which cloud development takes place and offers new approaches to it. Nail the progress with our DevOps specialists’ cloud services.

Security DevOps

Security has never been so strategically important, and DevOps services (SecOps) enables the integration of comprehensive security solutions earlier in the development process.


Get DevOps In Ukraine Without Any Risks

Do you want to expand your team but fear working with the unpredictable and most often unreliable freelancers? Hire a dedicated team with Lemapp – we guarantee that only the best available talent joins your DevOps team in our office and keep all team operations under close control. The process of hiring with Lemapp is quick (2-4 weeks to close a vacancy with the most appropriate talent), so you can easily plan the project schedule with no interruptions. Moreover, our pricing and collaboration terms are fully transparent; you always know how much you pay for the service, how much your DevOps coders get, thus planning the budget with no hidden fees.

Hiring a qualified DevOps developer has never been so easy! Recruiters of Lemapp have access to the broadest pool of programmer talent in Ukraine, so let us take care of your vacancies while you concentrate on strategic business aspects.


Why hire front-end developers with Lemapp?

  • Full dedication
    Unlike freelancers employed in several projects at once, our dedicated teams work exclusively on one client’s project, which guarantees quality and commitment.
  • Required skill set
    Front-end development includes a wide variety of technologies, and we can find a programmer with any needed tech stack in Ukraine. Hiring Angular developer, React JS developer or any other front-end web developer has never been easier.
  • Direct management
    You stay in full control of the process by managing the remote team either directly or with the help of a specially assigned project manager in our office.
  • Cost-efficient strategy
    By hiring a dedicated team with Lemapp, you get qualified and talented DevOps developers at a competitive rate and avoid bothering with rent, taxes, and buying equipment.
  • Custom recruitment
    Recruiters of Lemapp always conduct the recruitment process in line with each client’s unique needs and find the best matches for their project needs.
  • Team Retention
    Our in-house HR managers take care of the team’s satisfaction and conduct retention activities, social events, training, etc. to ensure staff loyalty and commitment.

How to hire a dedicated software development team

1. Share your requirements

Inform us about your project and requirements for the needed programmers including their experience, seniority, and tech stack. We calculate the expected rate and send sample CVs.

2. Interview and hire developers

Our certified recruiters prepare a set of best-fitting CVs for your review within 1 week. And once you weed out the improper candidates, you may hold job interviews with the best ones.

3. Hire developers

Welcome your new staff by visiting them in the Lemapp office, familiarize them with your company, processes, and the workflow. Make them your full-fledged team members.

4. Get to work

Enjoy the process of your remote team’s work on the project in the comfort of our office while we take care of staff retention, HR management, accounting, salaries, and extra perks.


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