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As an app development company, Lemapp has been helping businesses go mobile in multiple industries, including eCommerce, eLearning, travel & hospitality, real estate, and more. Check out some of the reasons why you should choose us for your next mobile development project


Lemapp’s specialists have collected solid experience in building native and cross-platform mobile applications


Lemapps teams participated in the development of various mobile solutions for customers around the world


We hire high-skilled developers with extensive knowledge of modern mobile technologies and frameworks


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About Us

Lemapp is dedicated team provider. Daily our teams of developers work side by side with our clients from Europe, USA, and Canada. Our mission is to empower projects with additional resources they need. We hire app programmers and mobile app development teams that are head over heels with modern technologies and have fine taste in design. We pride ourselves on being fundamental in our work and bringing outsourcing to the highest standards.

You can hire custom-recruited app developers to extend your in-house team effectively or build your own remote team easily. Developers will work from our office. You will manage a team directly using you favorite tools and methodologies.

Hire Android/iOS app developers, to extend your local team with offshore specialists or build managed team offshore. Lemapp can also help you set up your R&D office with top app developers, PMs and UX/UI designers, who will work on your project. We provide you a dedicated team based on your requirements, using our internal resources and recruitment capabilities.


Lemapp Mobile Tech Expertise


Feature-rich and performant apps that make the most of native iOS and Android development capabilities


A feasible alternative to native app development that relies on trendy frameworks to help you save costs, battle device fragmentation, or simply win larger audiences.

Mobile web

When native and cross-platform don’t cut it for your current needs, hybrid and web apps might be just the right option to shrink the gap.


Our End-to-End Mobile App Development Services

  • Discovery and R&D
    We get together to discuss your idea and user needs and see if there is a room for improvement. As a result, we come up with a vision of your product that both you and our team are excited about
  • Complete QA and testing
    Once the implementation is complete, a highly skilled team of Lemapp’s QA experts jumps in to ensure your product is flawless in every way, across all devices and screens.
  • UX/UI design
    Devoted to getting your idea off the ground, our UX and UI experts envision your product from scratch to finish, creating a design that powers user experience, not breaks it.
  • Launch
    As soon as the testing phase is successfully accomplished, we take care of the launching process, ensuring your product gets delivered to the app stores smoothly, without any downtime
  • Full-stack development
    Our mobile app developers marry the design with engineering, building a cutting-edge front-end on top of a powerful, resilient back-end for foolproof performance and scalability.
  • Post-launch enhancement
    When your mobile app is out in the market, our partnership continues, and we follow our commitment to improving your product as your vision and your users’ needs require it.

Why hire app development team with Lemapp

Mobile dedicated development team gives you a lot of advantages in comparison to hiring in-house developers. First of all, it helps to tackle the problem of lacking local resources. If you cannot find the needed developer in your area, address us to hire app programmers according to your requirements. Secondly, you can significantly reduce your expenditures on recruitment, HR services, onboarding and retention with offshore teams. Our specialists take all these responsibilities while you maintain direct control over the mobile development process.


Apps we build

Enterprise solutions

We develop first-grade enterprise mobility solutions to help companies streamline employee productivity, resource planning, and management of complex workflows, among other business-critical aspects.

While focusing on unparalleled security and performance of our enterprise apps, we also make sure that smooth user experience is still a number one priority — to boost adoption, not rejection.

Consumer apps

We create user-friendly and highly functional B2C mobile products that take app stores by storm in the leading categories, such as entertainment, lifestyle, productivity, social, and more.

Building consumer apps, we take a value-based approach to mobile app development that puts user satisfaction and retention above all else, allowing you to gain a truly global and loyal audience.


Dedicated Team Benefits

We can allocate one mobile developer for you or set up a dedicated mobile development team according to your requirements. Lemapp supports recruitment, onboarding, office supplies, social compensation, corporate events.

2 days to qualified CVs

We cherry pick the developers that will best suit your project needs.

10 days to launch

We will be ready to kick your project off in as soon as 10 days.

3 days to interview

You go over the list of candidates and get to talk to the few select.

2-week free trial

For more confidence, you can use a no-risk no-obligation trial.


Our Clients

We have delivered effective coding solutions to innovative companies worldwide. Focus on quality and putting our customers’ business needs at the heart of everything we do has led to longstanding collaborations with major brands in several industries.



SMB, enterprise and startup clients return to us because they’re happy with our work.
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Want to outsource mobile app development?

If you need to outsource a mobile app development and hire app programmers you have approached the right people. Our dedicated development teams have all the needed expertise to help you with your project. We can bring your vision to life at any stage, from initial planning of the functionality to design, software development or testing. Contact us today to discuss your ideas.

Mobile app development services outsourcing

Our main goal is to hire top app programmers who tailor all the features of the application till it meets the exact needs of the users. They will design and implement your ideas till they are in Google Play and App Store. The same applies to the app development of the internal corporate apps with the complex back end. By building an mobile app development team remotely you can add the most innovative interactive features like game elements or augmented reality without hiring additional employees in-house and spending a fortune on extra payments. Lemapp finds and hires the best mobile application developers to be of assistance to you.

Hire iOS app developers

Apple users are broadly known for their tastefulness and attention to detail. There are also legends of Apple’s strict acceptance process before the release to App Store. We hire top iOS programmers for iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch who are able to stick to all the acceptance rules to release your mobile app from the first try. Thus, outsourcing iPhone application development will save your nerves, time and money. Our dedicated mobile app developers use up-to-date technologies like Swift or Cocoa and can create a native iOS project of any complexity.

Hire Android developers

Android devices are taking over the world. There are approximately 107.7 million of Android smartphone users only in the USA, that’s why you need Android app development for your business. Moreover, it is the third part of all the people who live in this country. So if you develop next Facebook, Airbnb or Uber, you cannot help but develop an Android version of your product sooner or later. It is even easier to hire offshore mobile app developers to build an app for you. Set up your Android app development team with Lemappfq and get an eager advisor in application development outsourcing and implementer of your ideas and tasks. Outsourcing Android app development is an easy way to create an app that can be run on Lollipop, Nougat, Marshmallow, KitKat, Jelly Bean or any other sweet name that Google will come up with for its next operating system. Hire Android app development team to make your idea work.

Hire cross platform app developers

Sometimes it is unnecessary to develop native products. Or the budget does not allow to work with iOS and Android at the same time. In such case you can outsource cross-platform mobile app development that will successfully run on both operating systems and meet the needs of a higher number of your customers. We hire the app programmers who use Xamarin, PhoneGap and other cross-platform tools for these purposes. Outsource mobile app development to Lemapp, we can build the best-matching dedicated team of app developers for your project. The decision to use offshore mobile app development and create a cross-platform (hybrid) app may be a smart way to save some money.


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