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You can get QA engineers in the following areas


Our specialists perform testing in all stages of development cycle


Our test automation engineers provide CI/CD processes and increase frequency of releases


Our specialists perform project assessment to choose the best test strategy for your project


Pool of high-skilled developers


Satisfied customers


Years in business


Types of testing


We extend algorithms of manual or automated check to be sure that the solution runs without issues


User experience test assures that an interface is simple and intuitive


We make tests to check solution load and define weaknesses so end users will see the expected performance of its interface


We apply this test to give you confirmation about application security to prevent data theft


Who we are

Lemapp is a company that builds custom-recruited offshore software testing teams. Our IT recruiters will follow your requirements to find the best matching candidates in our talent pool. You will get top CVs and choose the QA engineers whom you want to interview. When your team is ready, we provide them with the necessary equipment, office facilities, and employee package. We take care of the office wellbeing of your QA engineers while you set tasks and control their performance. You can concentrate on your core responsibilities because we provide full-cycle HR, legal and accounting support for your team.

If you have just launched a software development project, it is nice to hire a software tester to check the code for bugs from the start. Is your software already working? Then you might need to maintain it and make some ongoing corrections. Maybe you’ve already got a piece of code that needs improvement?

We have a solution for any of these cases!
Lemapp will hire a QA team of any size according to your needs, be it a manual QA or Automation Selenium developer. Our flexible business model allows you to hire one QA engineer and scale up your offshore software testing team gradually. Hiring software testers in Ukraine has never been easier.

Your own QA team

Whether you are a startup and don’t want to spend loads of money on the office, taxes, or, you are a corporation, and there’s a lack of software developers, that fit into your criteria in your native town or even country. You can consider process outsourcing as a smart form of investing. Moreover, Lemapp will become your support and guarantee of a high performance.

Our quality assurance services

Hire manual software tester

If you are looking for a specialist who will manually review your app for bugs, we can find the right person for you. Despite working remotely, a manual tester will become a part of your in-house team. Such specialists will identify testing requirements, execute manual test cases, analyze code, and evaluate quality according to certain specifications.

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Hire automation developers

Do you have a highload project with complex architecture? Then you need automated quality assurance. Selenium developers create and deploy tests, creates scripts, report the bugs and check if they are fixed. Lemapp will hire an offshore Selenium development team that will provide you with top-quality testing services.

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Why hire software testers with Lemapp

  • Top QA engineers
    After we get your requirements, we check our pool of QA engineers and conduct the first interviews. It helps us to select the best candidates for the next stage, technical interview with a client. Our clients can give test assignments to check hard skills of their Selenium developers or manual software testers.
  • Full-cycle HR support
    Taking care of your remote team is our core responsibility. Don’t only hire top QA engineers for your project, but also provide them with all necessary HR support – adaptation plan, onboarding and retention activities. Thus, your remote employee becomes a part of your team.
  • No hidden cost
    We are strong proponents of transparency on each stage, including price formation. With Lemapp, you will know for sure how much your offshore QA engineer earns and what you pay for. Thus, you don’t overpay, and you can plan your budget for a long period.
  • Security policy
    Offshore software testing is a safe way to keep your code bug-free. It is obligatory for us to sign NDAs both with clients and QA engineers to make sure that the code is in good hands and protected from any data leakages.
  • Certified IT recruiters
    Our team consists of IT recruiters with a technical background and international certificates. You can rest assured that the candidates are appropriately selected. We take into account both soft and tech skills to build a friendly and smart team.
  • Quick start
    Ukrainian job market can boast about a significant number of software testers and Selenium developers. It means that you won’t spend a few months on recruiting the needed specialist because Lemapp will fill the vacancy in 2-6 weeks.


We are helping Startups and mature Businesses accelerate growth by building development centers.


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