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Our AI and ML developers employ a wide range of modern technologies and frameworks, Hiring Lemapp’s engineers, you receive specialists with a wealth of experience and expertise in artificial intelligence development, and, what is more, within a very reasonable time.


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What do we offer?

Things that seemed impossible yesterday can be easily developed by our AI programming specialists today. This industry is fairly young, which is why there are not so many experienced AI experts currently available on the market. However, we at Lemapp have accumulated the best candidates with necessary skills and knowledge for speech and language processing, AI chatbot development, neural networks creation, etc.

Lemapp is an IT outsourcing and outstaffing company located in Europe and having a Ukrainian R&D center. Due to a flexible and balanced business model, Lemapp has won the trust of clients from all over the world and of various project sizes. Having gathered the best programmers with solid expertise, we claim to be one of the leading AI companies. Be it Python for AI, or any other technology, we nail it and come up with the most matching solutions for our customers.


AI & ML solutions

1. Hire AI & ML programming dedicated team

Take advantage of our recruitment capabilities and build your AI software development team from scratch.

2. Outsource AI & ML software development

Let our specialists undertake full control over the product development process while you focus on the business.


Our technologies

Artificial Intelligence benefits

Regardless of the industry your business is in, it can considerably benefit from the AI technology. Virtual assistants, automation of routine internal processes, detailed analysis of the large amounts of data, — all this can be implemented by our specialists and eventually bring your company to the next level.

Deep Learning

Deep learning is a must for the data businesses like Google, Facebook, or Netflix. But this technology is already been implemented in other industries. If you are looking for developers able to create AI solutions for smarter predictions, image recognition, or industrial design improvement, then Lemapp is your matching tech partner.

Neural Networks

No wonder that neural programming has been one of the most discussed technologies over the past few years, as its helps determining behavioral patterns beyond human capabilities. Neural programming specialists at Lemapp are highly valued on the market and will be glad to bring AI solutions to your business.

Machine Learning as a service

Forget about time-consuming data analysis and explicit programming. Our AI experts are specialized in writing machine learning algorithms that enable real-time data collections and “on-the-fly” analysis. This will drive more precise audience segmentation, marketing campaigns, conversion, and retention.

Natural Language Processing

NLP has been born at the intersection of AI, machine learning and linguistics. Being also known as computational linguistics, it allows connecting language with machine perceptions. Lemapp experts use this method to analyze customer reviews, develop support chatbots, and eventually improve user satisfaction.

AI chatbot development

Boosting sales via smart support chats is not a secret anymore. By using the synergy of machine learning and AI algorithms, we dive into the client’s industry and audiences to build a bot that is most matching with the project’s needs. In the end, you will get user interaction automation, cost reduction, and sales growth.


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Looking for AI or ML development services?

Contact us today to hire best custom-recruited developers. Let Lemapp become your reliable tech partner in the world of artificial intelligence and leave your competitors far behind in the past century.


We will perform initial screening and aim to put forward suitable candidates within 1-2 weeks.

We carefully study every job description and then
search for the best matching candidates. You interview best candidates by yourself.

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Why hire artificial intelligence developers with Lemapp?

  • Top AI experts
    Over the years, Lemapp has been expanding its pool to enable a wide choice of programmers specialized in various technologies, including the development of AI solutions
  • Required skill set
    Front-end development includes a wide variety of technologies, and we can find a programmer with any needed tech stack in Ukraine. Hiring Angular developer, React JS developer or any other front-end web developer has never been easier.
  • Efficient management
    When you hire a remote front-end developer, you want to be sure he/she works diligently. We undertake back-office responsibilities upon ourselves to give you more time to focus on key business matters.
  • Leading AI & ML developers
    Ukraine is famous for its IT talents, and you can easily hire one or a dozen developers to extend your in-house team. Lemapp will find your front-end developers in just 2-4 weeks due to our extensive pool of programmers.
  • Legal support
    Honesty is one of the key principles of Lemapp. We start all our deals with signing an NDA to protect our clients and make them feel safe while hiring front-end developers in Ukraine.
  • Transparent cost
    Our transparent pricing policy makes us one of the leading companies on the front end development market. You will know how much your developer earns monthly to plan your expenses and fairly reward your remote team member.

Our Clients

We have delivered effective coding solutions to innovative companies worldwide. Focus on quality and putting our customers’ business needs at the heart of everything we do has led to longstanding collaborations with major brands in several industries.



We are helping Startups and mature Businesses accelerate growth by building development centers.


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