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We have been developing smart software for interaction between people, machines, and processes, optimizing workflow, and increasing quality of life.


IoT developers from Lemapp create solutions for Healthcare, Retail, Telecom, Fintech, eCommerce, Logistics, and other fast-growing industries.


Certified Android and iOS developers, .NET specialists with an average experience of 5+ years, and cryptography experts create intelligent and secure products.


Our ISTQB-certified engineers combine manual and automated testing methods to eliminate serious bugs.


Our IoT application development services

IoT gateways

With our IoT experts, you will get modern data aggregation gateways and stop worrying about security. Managing remote devices using the Internet, as well as Wi-Fi, NFC, Bluetooth, will be easier than ever before.

Human-computer interface

We develop web interfaces and touch displays for managing complex devices, taking into account modern principles of ergonomics and usability. Thus, you will be able to do much more without feeling tired.

IoT and Artificial Intelligence combination

Big Data is contaminated with noise. Combining the power of IoT and AI, you can easily identify patterns from streaming data and make reliable conclusions within seconds. By the way, the best antifraud systems we have built also combine IoT and AI.

Data management

Be absolutely confident of the decisions you make, relying on our extensive experience in developing software of all types and levels of complexity for real-time visualization and data analytics.

Cloud solutions for IoT

We will deploy and integrate your IoT applications with AWS, Microsoft Azure, IBM Watson, ThingWorx, Salesforce, providing all the conditions for infinite scalability and increased performance.

Back-end and API development

Our software engineers have solid experience in building high-functional user-friendly IoT interfaces which will enable you to integrate both your applications and devices into a single whole.


What do we offer?

Connected devices gain stream and take over our everyday life. More and more companies utilize the power of IoT to win in the highly competitive environment. The age of connected everything is just around the corner. Enterprises and small startups develop smart solutions to create a whole new user experience for their clients. IoT is one of the core competencies of Lemapp. We are ready to be your assistant on the way to a smart era in any industry.

Lemapp is a Software Development Outsourcing Company with R&D office in Ukraine that works side by side with our clients from all over the world. We help create a new, smart approach to IoT and embedded engineering. We are a responsive, agile team that is head over heels with modern cutting edge technologies and exquisite taste in design. We pride ourselves to be fundamental in our work and bring software development outsourcing to the highest standards.


Types of IoT solutions we develop

These are the main services I offer. As you can see, you will get everything from one source. This will ensure a seamless transition from one step to another.

IoT for Retail and eCommerce

Take advantage of smart shelves that analyze expiration dates of products and instantly report the need to replenish the product line, and sensors that optimize delivery within commercial outlets. Add dash buttons and solutions for personalized internet marketing to get an unbeatable advantage over competitors.

IoT for Agriculture

Take advantage of smart sensors for gathering information about weather conditions and soil quality. Check out the power of predictive analytics for production volumes’ determination, pest management automation, irrigation and fertilization processes.

IoT for Manufacturing

Manage business assets easily with the help of built-in controllers for remote equipment control. Don’t forget about the sensors for controlling emissions so that your production is compliant with current environmental regulations.

IoT for Energy Sector

The automatic power setting of generators, depending on the distribution of loads on the power system, minimizes energy losses. A single software center for managing complex systems will enable you to control workflows at any location. And the sensors for metering and automatic billing relieve the routine of checking indicators and generating reports.

IoT for Construction and Real Estate

Smart house systems, solutions for timely replenishment of construction materials, remote control of equipment at construction entities, maintenance activities based on projection data. All these make people’s lives more comfortable, make work more efficient, and make business expenses minimal.

IoT for FinTech

Analyze Big Data in real-time, identify patterns of user behavior to provide the best services. Get rid of delinquent loans forever by using solutions for clients’ credit scoring. Remember to protect your organization from physical hacking and cyberattacks by combining the benefits of IoT and Artificial Intelligence.

IoT for Healthcare

We create wearables for real-time patient’s health tracking, automate hospital workflows, provide solutions for managing healthcare institutions with a computer, tablet, or mobile phone.

IoT for Logistics

Sensors that track vehicle condition and driver behavior on the road, inventory analysis software, active and passive RFID tags for storing, processing, and transmitting data will help you reduce logistics’ costs to a minimum.


What can we do?

Internet of Things makes devices collaborate in a whole new way than we used to. As wireless connection becomes widely available and assuming that soon it will become free worldwide, a new generation of software and hardware products allows you to assemble entire networks of devices and make them cooperate on meeting your needs. IoT allows devices to collect tons of information from the environment around us and extract meaningful data and analytics for people to comprehend.

IoT gives a vast range of possibilities to business and Lemapp has the competence to be your reliable partner in this new field of technology. The prospects for IoT software and hardware development are endless. They include:

Consumer and industrial smart products and IoT applications

Connectivity components and software are an attribute of any high-quality everyday product, electronic device or measuring tool. Moreover, people love them as they make our life easier and more fun, as well as help with our work. Lemapp has high competence in this industry. We can design and develop embedded OS and firmware for your smart products; use existing sensors, drivers and connectivity components for your smart devices; design and develop IoT applications for smartphones or wearable devices, consumer electronics that will make a new seamless user experience for your clients or employees; integrate the smart products to the existing IT environment to ensure that everything works the way it should.

Adaptive IoT networks and ecosystems

With a high demand on low-cost and high-quality firmware for IoT devices, there has occurred a vast range of technology products that satisfy this request. However, while building the smart device using firmware parts like sensors from different vendors, there may occur an issue with their integration into existing network. Lemapp can help you integrate the mismatched components into a unified system that cooperates to bring results to your business. We use machine learning algorithms and models, DSP algorithms for the IoT infrastructure integration.



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What else can we do?

The combination of different sensors and microprocessors in smart devices can help you obtain almost any information you would like to collect from the real world. But it is hardly enough just to raise terabytes of data. You will need to process it with powerful BI tools to analyze and make sensible patterns from it. That is why it is crucial to develop analytics solutions using Big Data technologies, science methods, and business intelligence models. Lemapp will help you build analytic tools using Big Data technology to empower your business with the new knowledge.


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We have delivered effective coding solutions to innovative companies worldwide. Focus on quality and putting our customers’ business needs at the heart of everything we do has led to longstanding collaborations with major brands in several industries.



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