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We provide risk – free recruiting, transparent cost and flexible contracts. If you need a front-end development team contact us for more details.


Front-end development services


We apply the latest interface development technologies to take full advantage of the web browsers capabilities for interactions with users


In order to solve your business problems, our engineers use a complete set of tools, from HTML5 to the latest JavaScript frameworks


Every year we work on projects for companies included in the top lists, as well as for leaders of such industries as FinTech, eCommerce, and Healthcare


Versatile technologies we work with

We have extensive experience in Front-end software development. Our engineers employ the latest technologies, frameworks and components to create solutions that combine a strong easy-to-use modern design with high performance.


Outsource Front-end development

Our front-end developers employ a wide range of modern technologies and frameworks, like Ember, Angular, React.js, Backbone.js, Vue.js, Ember.js. Hiring Lemapp’s engineers, you receive specialists with a wealth of experience and expertise in front-end development, and, what is more, within a very reasonable time.


days to provide developers


days to start


weeks of free trial


What do we offer?

Front-end developer wanted? Then you find the right place to hire one developer or set up a dedicated remote team.

With Lemapp you get the needed number of programmers that fully meet your requirements regarding technical stack, budget, and staffing time. Our R&D office is located in Ukraine to give you access to the best front-end developers with the necessary skills and experience in the region. We can boast of an extensive pool of experts in the field which significantly reduces hiring time, so your vacancy will be closed in only a few weeks. Sounds interesting? Let’s see what we can offer!

Want to hire JavaScript or HTML/CSS developers, Angular or React developers, our certified IT recruiters will find you the candidate that meets not only your tech requirements but also soft skills demands.

Our flexible hiring model allows you to scale up your team hassle-free. If needed, you can easily extend your remote team with front-end developers. Moreover, the more offshore front-end developers you hire, the lower is the price. Remote front-end developers from Ukraine know how to make your ideas real and we know where to find best talents.


How to hire a dedicated software development team

1. Share your requirements

Tell us more about the tech stack, team structure and specific requests and requirements you have. Based on them we show you expected budget and start recruitment process for free.

2. Interview and hire developers

Get the CVs of vetted developers during the first week. Then you interview best ones and make final hiring decision. On average it takes 4-6 weeks to find and hire developers our clients need.

3. Hire developers

We provide hardware, office and back-office support for your development team. You can visit your team in our office or use online tools to set up processes and integrate developers into your organization structure.

4. Get to work

Enjoy your fully integrated team working together in our office. We support retention, HR, payrolls and accounting; provide comfortable office space, hardware and social package.


Why hire front-end developers with Lemapp?

  • Scale your team easily
    No matter if you want to hire only one front-end developer or set up an R&D office with a whole front end department, Lemapp will help you to find the needed number of developers in time and on budget.
  • Required skill set
    Front-end development includes a wide variety of technologies, and we can find a programmer with any needed tech stack in Ukraine. Hiring Angular developer, React JS developer or any other front-end web developer has never been easier.
  • Efficient management
    When you hire a remote front-end developer, you want to be sure he/she works diligently. We undertake back-office responsibilities upon ourselves to give you more time to focus on key business matters.
  • Leading front-end developers
    Ukraine is famous for its IT talents, and you can easily hire one or a dozen JavaScript developers, HTML/CSS coders, Angular or React developers to extend your in-house team. Lemapp will find your front-end developers in just 2-4 weeks due to our extensive pool of programmers.
  • Legal support
    Honesty is one of the key principles of Lemapp. We start all our deals with signing an NDA to protect our clients and make them feel safe while hiring front-end developers in Ukraine.
  • Transparent cost
    Our transparent pricing policy makes us one of the leading companies on the front end development market. You will know how much your developer earns monthly to plan your expenses and fairly reward your remote team member.

Front-end development services

Single-page applications

One more way to make your website user-friendly is to create a single-page application (SPA). It will decrease the number of queries to the server needed to download pages and improve website performance.

User experience

It goes without saying that user-friendly websites have better conversion. Front-end developer will make your website simple and logical so that your customers could easily buy from you

Cross-browser compatibility

Chrome, FireFox, Opera and even Internet Explorer – all these browsers can show your website in different ways. But front-end solution will make your website similar to all users regardless their preferred internet tools.

Web performance

Besides being attractive, a website should work properly to ensure both good user experience and high ranking in search engines. Make your website accessible and faster with the help of front-end development.


Let us provide a top team for your project

We will perform initial screening and aim to put forward suitable candidates within 1-2 weeks.

We carefully study every job description and then
search for the best matching candidates. You interview best candidates by yourself.

Initial resume screening

Soft skills scanning

Background check

Technical tests


Trial period


Find dedicated developers with Lemapp

If you are looking for front-end development services, consider hiring offshore programmers with Lemapp. We give you the access to the world-renowned IT talents that Ukraine is famous for. These experienced and highly-qualified front-end developers will create the right solution for your business giving you no trouble with hiring, retention or management.

If you are ready to give a big boost to your project with front-end development, don’t hesitate to drop us a line. Contact us to learn more about hiring front-end developers or simply send us your requirements. Lemapp team is here to help!


Full-cycle development teams

In addition to developers, we can help you assemble a project team featuring these roles:

Project Manager

Plans and oversees the project, allocating budgets and overseeing milestones to ensure success

Business analyst

Works with you to match tech requirements to your business needs and project goals

UI/UX Designer

Creates intuitive user interfaces that reflect user needs and business requirements


Manages code releases, liaising between engineers, designers and project managers



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We have delivered effective coding solutions to innovative companies worldwide. Focus on quality and putting our customers’ business needs at the heart of everything we do has led to longstanding collaborations with major brands in several industries.



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