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Our developers use only up-to-date UI tools to leverage all the opportunities of web browsers for the sake of user satisfaction


The toolkit of our specialists is wide and full-fledged, ranging from HTML5 to JavaScript. Everything for getting the maximum business profit!


We create software that has proved its effectiveness for the leading companies, including top-ranking industry representatives of the banking sector, eCommerce, and Healthcare


Multi-purpose tools we use

Lemapp engineers have all the qualifications and skills needed to perform top-quality front-end service. Our development is always client-oriented and user-friendly, so the performance is outstanding, and the result is beyond your expectations!


4 steps to hire a dedicated software development team

1. Open discussion

We will ask you numerous questions about the technology, organization, and your particular vision on the dedicated team. Together, we will find the best solutions and models that will meet your budget limitations, expected deadline, and level of expertise.

2. Interview and recruitment

We take up to 7 days to find the CVs that will match your expectations perfectly. From our side, we check their technical skills, English level, and personality. On average, it takes 4-6 weeks for a client to select the team among the candidates we offer.

3. Training and onboarding

You can visit our office to meet your team in person — but we can do everything online also. Lemapp will assist you in building an effective structure, assessment, and communication with your full-time team.

4. Project launch

We keep in touch with our clients to provide HR management, retention, and accounting. Your team will work from our office — fully equipped and with the relevant hardware and social package. You’re welcome to visit us anytime.


What do we offer?

Want to outsource a development of a website for your business or modify an existing one? Interested in building a custom web application? Then we suggest you hiring JavaScript developers, as this technology is the most universal when it comes to improving user experience and front-end development. Lucky you are, as Lemapp is a software development company with top JavaScript coders who create interactive web applications and websites.

Although we provide offshore development services, our developers work as if they were your permanent employees. The difference is, you will be free from routine hassles, such as office rent, HR management and various paperwork, as we will undertake it all for you. This will allow you to focus on JavaScript development together with your new team of dedicated coders.

Get JavaScript Development Services from Lemapp

We can recruit JavaScript developers for you on a remote basis or for working in-house. Lemapp provides all the legal, HR, and accounting support to the developers. Keep calm — we will take care of all the development and hiring-related questions! Upon request, we can provide you with a personal accountant to be responsible for communication quality and working processes. Besides, welcome to visit our office anytime!

We have access to the best developers from Ukraine, saving you time and effort searching for the right candidate. Outsource a JavaScript developer from us, and we will work hard to deliver a satisfactory result!


6 reasons to hire front-end developers with Lemapp

  • Top JavaScript developers
    Recruiting offshore developers is the decision with true value-for-money. With us, you can launch even the most complex projects fast and without the need to switch your attention from your core business processes.
  • Personalized approach
    The tech talents pool from Lemapp includes only the best JavaScript developers. We’ve been collecting and filtering our database for over 10 years to guarantee you get a top 1% talent.
  • No hidden costs
    The hiring model from Lemapp will cut down your expenses up to 60%. Don’t overpay on the development! Make your choice in a smarter way with us!
  • Open discussions
    We find a dedicated developer, meaning that this professional is involved in your project only. Moreover, we assist in team management and are always available to solve any problems in communication.
  • Adjustable terms
    Our contracts are flexible, and all the budget spendings are transparent. We will establish an R&D center for you — with full reporting on management, payroll, taxes, and other administrative work done there.
  • Easy scalability
    We adjust to the fast-changing and dynamic IT market all the time. We will always meet you halfway if you need to cut or scale your team and process your request fast.


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