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Python development services


Many developers in our company are certified , master back-end technologies, and are able to solve complicated problems on their own


Lemapp’s Python engineers implement secure and high-performance solutions, which make our customers’ businesses truly efficient


Every year we work on projects for companies included in the top list, as well as for leaders of such industries as FinTech, eCommerce, and Healthcare


Versatile technologies we work with

We have extensive experience in Back-end software development. Our Python engineers employ the latest technologies, frameworks and components to create solutions that combine a strong easy-to-use modern design with high performance.


Outsource Python development

Lemapp’s Python developers have all the necessary skills to build high-performance, efficient software your customers will love. Contact us now, and the development of your website, Machine Learning solution, web or mobile application will start within several days.


days to provide developers


days to start


weeks of free trial


Full-cycle development teams

In addition to developers, we can help you assemble a project team featuring these roles:

Project Manager

Plans and oversees the project, allocating budgets and overseeing milestones to ensure success

Business analyst

Works with you to match tech requirements to your business needs and project goals

UI/UX Designer

Creates intuitive user interfaces that reflect user needs and business requirements


Manages code releases, liaising between engineers, designers and project managers


What do we offer?

Want to hire dedicated Python developers? Lemapp is at your service. Our company built a unique pool of expert coders passionate about Python and Django. Depending on your needs and budget, you can extend your in-house team and hire a few dedicated developers or a full offshore team with Lemapp without spending time on recruiting local coders for your company.

We build your team based on your requirements, using our resources and recruitment capabilities. Our Python and Django developers have rich experience of building custom web and desktop applications by using cutting-edge libraries and following Agile methodology. With Lemapp, not only you will be able to hire the best software programmers, but also considerably save costs on HR, retention, recruiting and workstations, because we cover it all for you and also social package. The team will be fully dedicated to your and work from our office 8 hours a day 5 days a week.


How to hire a dedicated software development team

1. Share your requirements

Tell us more about the tech stack, team structure and specific requests and requirements you have. Based on them we show you expected budget and start recruitment process for free.

2. Interview and hire developers

Get the CVs of vetted developers during the first week. Then you interview best ones and make final hiring decision. On average it takes 4-6 weeks to find and hire developers our clients need.

3. Set up a team

We provide hardware, office and back-office support for your development team. You can visit your team or use online tools to set up processes and integrate developers into your organization structure.

4. Get to work

Enjoy your fully integrated team working together in our office. We support retention, HR management, payrolls and accounting; provide comfortable office space, hardware and social package.


Why hire front-end developers with Lemapp?

  • Top developers
    Start developing your project without investing time and efforts in a recruiting and team management. Hire dedicated Python developers with required skills and experience.
  • Custom recruitment
    Lemapp has a qualified team of internationally certified IT Recruiters and HR professionals with more than 10 years of experience in the IT market to hire the top 1% talent for you.
  • Transparent cost
    With Lemapp, you can save up to 60% of costs, because of our unique business model. Your exclusive team will increase output while reducing costs.
  • Flexible contracts
    Flexible contracts with simple monthly billing. No hidden cost! We run R&D center, where your developers will work and cover HR management, payroll, taxes and other administrative routine for you.
  • Direct communications
    Each Python programmer you hire works exclusively on your project. Ensure smart communication and transparent reporting for each developer you hire
  • Scale teams easily
    Use our pool of 5000+ qualified tech candidates to build and manage the best Python development teams. You can hire one Python developer or set an offshore development center easily.

Included services

Infrastructure coverage

Being an outsource company, Lemapp covers so many expenditure items that our clients save significant amount of money to reinvest in their business.

High scaling

If your business grows during development process, we will have enough dedicated resources and capacities to meet your needs, not affecting the quality and on-time delivery.

Employee retention

Happy coders work better. Our retention specialists know how to motivate Python developers by covering fun events and creating favourable working conditions

Accounting & Legal

We fully undertake all hassles connected to payroll, paperwork, NDAs, vacations, insurances, etc. All for you to concentrate on your business and development.

Onboarding programs

Not only we recruit the best offshore Python developers, but also we invest our efforts into their successful integration into your team.

Equipped office space

All developers you hire from us get the best working conditions, including hardware, licensed software, meeting rooms and other facilities.


Why to choose Python development for your business?

Python language combines backend and frontend elements to build outstanding websites, apps, server automation and even games. Literally, it is a unique tool allowing to create purely any digital product for your business, regardless of the industry.

If you doubt hiring Python and Django developers, think of world-known companies using Python in their apps and websites: Pinterest, Evernote, DropBox, Instagram, YouTube, Reddit and many others.

All in all, you have no excuses but hire Python developers with Lemapp. If you are ready for development magic, drop us an email now.

What can Python developer do for your project?

WEB APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT: Each dedicated developer from our pool is an expert in using latest frameworks and libraries for Python-based web apps.

CUSTOM WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT: Hire Python developers that will work together with designers to create dynamic and modern websites for businesses.

DESKTOP APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT: Python is so universal that allows to create not only web, but also desktop applications from scratch.

PYTHON CMS DEVELOPMENT: The offshore dedicated teams we find for you will build personalized systems for easy management of your website content.

SAAS DEVELOPMENT: Software as a Service significantly reduces costs and raises productivity, so necessary for scaling of your business.

DJANGO DEVELOPMENT: Hire Django developers with Lemapp to get fast development with clean design.

PYTHON FOR IOT: IoT programming benefits greatly from Python elegant syntax for database format, so your IoT project will get flexibility with less code.

PYTHON AI PROGRAMMING: Good libraries and fast prototyping allow Python developers create the most complex AI solutions for business.

We can find Python developers skilled in the following technologies and frameworks: Django, Flask, Nagare, Pylons, Tornado, Web2py, RQ, Celery, Twisted, Gevent, Gunicorn, Apache, Nginx, CouchDB, MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Windows.


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