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Lemapp’s Ruby engineers implement secure and high-performance solutions , which make our customers’ businesses truly efficient


Many Ruby developers in our company are certified, master back-end technologies, and are able to solve complicated problems on their own


Every year we work on projects for companies included in the top lists, as well as for leaders of such industries as FinTech, eCommerce, and Healthcare


Versatile tools we work with

We have extensive experience in Back-end software development. Our Ruby engineers employ the latest technologies, frameworks and components to create solutions that combine a strong easy-to-use modern design with high performance.


Outsource Ruby development

Lemapp’s Ruby and Ruby on Rails engineers build web applications that run fast and stable, leveraging multithreading, thread pooling and other advanced techniques to deliver end-to-end Ruby solutions for enterprises. Hire our Ruby developers and try them out with no paying just in a few days.


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What do we offer?

Are you looking to hire Ruby on Rails developer in your country and fail to find the one fitting you in terms of both qualification and rates?
Lemapp has a solution for you – quick and efficient staffing for Ruby on Rails projects not depending on your company’s location. Here you will always enjoy:

– a broad talent pool of Ukrainian RoR coders,
– short time to fill the vacancy (max. 2-6 weeks),
– an adequate combination of pricing and service quality,
– a variety of hiring models to choose from.

Lemapp is an offshore software development company with headquarters in Tallinn, Estonia, and an R&D center in Kyiv, Ukraine. We help clients find web developers of any seniority level, tech stack, and technology knowledge across Ukraine. Partnering with us is very convenient in legal terms as we handle all administrative tasks and manage the full recruitment cycle. The Lemapp team includes 4 experienced IT recruiters with international certification and a huge database of coders to choose from. They interact with clients directly, so here, you will always avoid the red tape.

Clients evaluate the candidates’ hard skills independently, while we check their soft skills and the level of English language proficiency. Besides, we free clients from routine tasks related to staff hiring and provide your dedicated teams with an office, equipment, social package, payroll, accounting, staff retention and HR activities, and the rest of the administrative hassle. Thus, every time you get Ruby on Rails developer with us, the result will exceed your expectations.


How to hire a dedicated software development team

1. Set project goals

Tell us about the hiring model, seniority level, and knowledge of the candidate. The more detail, the better the candidates.

2. Select candidates

You’ll receive a set of pre-screened resumes from our recruiters within one week. Review them and let us know which suit you best.

3. Conduct interviews

Interview the selected candidates online or at our office at a convenient time; review their knowledge, hard and soft skills.

4. Start working

Inform our recruiters about your choice. No need to refuse candidates or make job offers personally; we’ll negotiate all terms with them.


Why hire back-end developers with Lemapp?

  • Scale your team easily
    No matter if you want to hire only one front-end developer or set up an R&D office with a whole front end department, Lemapp will help you to find the needed number of developers in time and on budget.
  • Required skill set
    Front-end development includes a wide variety of technologies, and we can find a programmer with any needed tech stack in Ukraine. Hiring Angular developer, React JS developer or any other front-end web developer has never been easier.
  • Efficient management
    When you hire a remote front-end developer, you want to be sure he/she works diligently. We undertake back-office responsibilities upon ourselves to give you more time to focus on key business matters.
  • Leading front-end developers
    Ukraine is famous for its IT talents, and you can easily hire one or a dozen JavaScript developers, HTML/CSS coders, Angular or React developers to extend your in-house team. Lemapp will find your front-end developers in just 2-4 weeks due to our extensive pool of programmers.
  • Legal support
    Honesty is one of the key principles of Lemapp. We start all our deals with signing an NDA to protect our clients and make them feel safe while hiring front-end developers in Ukraine.
  • Transparent cost
    Our transparent pricing policy makes us one of the leading companies on the front end development market. You will know how much your developer earns monthly to plan your expenses and fairly reward your remote team member.

Benefits from hiring abroad

Custom recruiting

Lemapp does not keep any developers on bench; we hire Ruby on Rails programmers specifically for your project needs every time you need them.

Flexible working hours

Our office is open from 7 a.m. till 10 p.m. (Kyiv time) to let your team have several hours of overlap with your time zone. Coders adapt their working schedule accordingly.

Free replacement

In case clients are not satisfied with programmers’ work or have some mismatch, Lemapp can provide candidates for their replacement free of charge

Simple onboarding

We welcome all clients to come to the office of Lemapp or invite the dedicated team to their location for an initial acquaintance and onboarding.

Agile development

Even if you start recruitment with Lemapp with one coder, you may hire Ruby on Rails programmer as additional staff with ease to make your team grow together with your project.

Team visits

Clients may arrange occasional visits to their team at the Lemapp office. Its convenient location in Kyiv allows quick, cheap travel and business trips.


Full-cycle development teams

In addition to developers, we can help you assemble a project team featuring these roles:

Project Manager

Plans and oversees the project, allocating budgets and overseeing milestones to ensure success

Business analyst

Works with you to match tech requirements to your business needs and project goals

UI/UX Designer

Creates intuitive user interfaces that reflect user needs and business requirements


Manages code releases, liaising between engineers, designers and project managers


Services We Offer

Dedicated team

Lemapp meets any recruitment needs ranging from one software developer to a large team. We look for all staff from scratch and provide your dedicated team with office space, equipment, and also manage accounting and HR tasks. Your team works at the Lemapp office 5 days a week, 8 hours a day, on your project only. Such a hiring model is highly suitable for long-term cooperation as clients are in full charge of managing the dedicated team as an integral part of their in-house team.

Project based work

This hiring model is universally applicable for both long- and short-term projects as it implies outsourcing of a specific project to already hired Lemapp programmers. When you hire a Ruby on Rails developer for project work, you get a developer from staff we have involved in several other projects and receive a Project Manager overseeing team’s work and reporting to you. We provide project-based developers with equipment, office space, and social package, while you get a coder handling your tasks for a couple of hours a day.

Offshore development center

Clients who need many developer and set up large teams with Lemapp may establish an ODC with our help. It will be your own branded office to which we hire each Ruby on Rails programmer from scratch in full compliance with your needs. You determine the social package and have all staff working on your projects only, which is suitable for long-term cooperation as well. Lemapp may manage your ODC’s accounting, HR, office management, and administrative tasks.


Lemapp renders relocation services to companies that need to close a skill gap in the territory of their country. Such a model involves a costly relocation of the new team member, provision of living and working space to him/her, and full official employment by the client. Lemapp recruiters may find such a candidate for you, as well as provide additional services such as relocation documentation, visa support, and arrangement of the travel.


What can you get with Ruby on Rails?

RUBY ON RAILS APP DEVELOPMENT. The flexibility of RoR framework allows to create literally any web application, be it corporate, consumer or entertainment app. We offer intelligent app solutions built on RoR to comply with your project needs.

ECOMMERCE APP DEVELOPMENT. Hardly any business can be imagined without an e-store. Our coders build high-performance eCommerce solutions within Ruby on Rails web development, creating a great shopping experience to your users.

ROR-BASED WEBSITES DESIGN AND DEPLOYMENT. RoR is a full-stack framework covering front end and back end. Therefore, each website we create has a responsive and trendy design, as well as high performance, keeping your web presence up and running smoothly.

RUBY MOBILE APPLICATIONS. Mobile developers at Lemapp often use this technology to create native iOS, Android, and Windows apps, as well as cross-platform applications with catchy design, high interactivity, and rich functionality.

SOCIAL MEDIA AND WIDGETS. With Lemapp, you can hire Ruby on Rails developer with strong expertise in creating widgets and social media projects, allowing to engage your users and convert them into loyal customers.

ROR CMS DEVELOPMENT. Trouble-free and easy content management can significantly raise business efficiency. We offer custom CMS solutions with clean code and great UI within Ruby on Rails development services.

Why look for RoR developers in Ukraine?

Ukraine is a dynamic market for IT outsourcing offering a huge (and growing) talent pool of developers. The rates they charge are internationally competitive, with junior-level RoR programmer charging $800-$1,500 on average. Salary of middle-level RoR coders is $2,000-$3,000. You may hire Ruby on Rails developer of senior level in Ukraine for $3,500.

The Ukrainian IT market develops at a fast pace; it offers a large talent pool with Ukrainian programmers being demanded globally. While it takes 2-3 months to close a vacancy in the USA, it may take maximum 2-4 weeks in Ukraine. Thinking too long may cost you a good candidate; here you may build your team quickly without any compromise for quality.

Now you can hire Ruby on Rails programmer hassle-free with Lemapp. Close the vacancy quickly by entrusting the task to us!


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