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Scala development services


Lemapp’s Scala engineers implement secure and high-performance solutions, which make our customers’ businesses truly efficient


Many Scala developers in our company are certified by Oracle, Google, and Amazon, master back-end technologies, and are able to solve complicated problems on their own


Every year we work on projects for companies included in the top lists, as well as for leaders of such industries as FinTech, eCommerce, and Healthcare


Outsource Scala development

Scala gives Lemapp’s engineers the tools they need to create concise, functional back-ends for complex sites and apps. Along with our fair prices, you can enjoy the possibility to select the most competent Scala engineers, fast start, and risk-free dealing due to the trial period.


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Why hire Scala developers with us?

If your project needs any type of mobile app development or web development, then Scala is what you should consider. But, leading technologies are only half the battle. To get the most, you need to hire the best Scala developers. Lemapp is here you help you with that.

Scala development services are one of the most demanded on the market. No wonder that this cutting-edge programming language powers such popular platforms as Twitter, LinkedIn, AirBnb, Netflix, Coursera, Amazon, Sony, Foursquare and many others.

Lemapp is one of the top Europe-based outsourcing companies that can find developers of any tech stack and seniority level. Our business model is very flexible and customer-oriented. Depending on your project needs, you can extend your in-house team with Scala engineers or set up a whole offshore development center.


How to hire a dedicated software development team

1. Share your requirements

Tell us more about the tech stack, team structure and specific requests and requirements you have. Based on them we show you expected budget and start recruitment process for free.

2. Interview and hire developers

Get the CVs of vetted developers during the first week. Then you interview best ones and make final hiring decision. On average it takes 4-6 weeks to find and hire developers our clients need.

3. Hire developers

We provide hardware, office and back-office support for your development team. You can visit your team in our office or use online tools to set up processes and integrate developers into your organization structure.

4. Get to work

Enjoy your fully integrated team working together in our office. We support retention, HR management, payrolls and accounting; provide comfortable office space, hardware and social package.


Why hire front-end developers with Lemapp?

  • Top developers
    Start developing your project without investing time and efforts in a recruiting and team management. Hire dedicated Scala developers with required skills and experience.
  • Custom recruitment
    Lemapp has a qualified team of internationally certified IT Recruiters and HR professionals with more than 10 years of experience in the IT market to hire the top 1% talent for you.
  • Transparent cost
    With Lemapp, you can save up to 60% of costs, because of our unique business model. Your exclusive team will increase output while reducing costs.
  • Flexible contracts
    Flexible contracts with simple monthly billing. No hidden cost! We run R&D center, where your developers will work and cover HR management, payroll, taxes and other administrative routine for you.
  • Direct communications
    Each dedicated programmer hired by Lemapp works exclusively on your project. Ensure smart communication and transparent reporting for each developer.
  • Scale team easily
    Use our pool of 5000+ qualified tech candidates to build and manage the best Python development teams. You can hire one Scala developer or set an offshore development center easily.

Back-end development services

Mobile App development

No matter what industry you’re in, a high-performing mobile app is usually a strong competitive advantage. Let our developers ensure your mobile presence using this programming language.

Desktop development

Forget about spending a fortune on HR teams, taxes, office space, support staff and equipment. With Lemapp, you will pay for PHP development services only.


Coders in Lemapp are well experienced in building various public and enterprise PaaS solutions. If you want to create your own platform in the cloud, then this service is exactly for you.

Web App development

Need a desktop app running on different OS (Mac, Windows, Linux) due to performance, security, or any other reasons? We have the required expertise to build such apps in a short time.

SaaS development

Planning and delivery of your Software as a Service Development can be reinforced by our accomplished developers who use this programming language and modern agile methodologies.

Development consulting

Our experts are ready to advise you on the technology and its implementation in your project. You can also hire experienced project managers to optimize the work of development teams.


Scala development benefits

We did our best to let you focus on the development and covered HR hassles on our own, including equipped office space, taxes, accounting, retention and motivation activities. All hired Scala developers sign a strict NDA and will pass intellectual property rights to you after the project is over. Finally, as our R&D office is located in Ukraine where the wages are considerably lower than in the USA and rest of the Europe, you can save about 25% costs on development and preserve quality at the same time.

Want to hire Scala developers? Lemapp is the technology partner you’ve been looking for. Our team is ready to look at your requirements and accept any challenges. Contact us right away and let our cooperation begin.


Full-cycle development teams

In addition to developers, we can help you assemble a project team featuring these roles:

Project Manager

Plans and oversees the project, allocating budgets and overseeing milestones to ensure success

Business analyst

Works with you to match tech requirements to your business needs and project goals

UI/UX Designer

Creates intuitive user interfaces that reflect user needs and business requirements


Manages code releases, liaising between engineers, designers and project managers



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